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Introduction Principles and use copper worm Features
metal bush is the angle between the tangent and the end face of the worm Worm Indexing circular helix, the relationship between the screw and the helix angle, helix angle worm then transfer large high-efficiency copper nut move. The following describes the principle and the use of copper worm characteristics:

SOBBD bronze split type bush principle and use: copper worm drive principle: copper copper turbine worm drive for two axes intersecting at 90 degrees, but when neither parallel nor intersecting each other, usually in the worm gear, the worm is an active member while the worm wheel is driven member.

Copper worm reducer is a compact structure, transmission ratio, under certain conditions, wear self-locking blocks transmission machinery. Wherein the hollow shaft worm gear reducer not only with the above characteristics, and ease of installation, reasonable structure, more and more widely used. It is the worm reducer input to install a helical gear reducer, consisting of multi-stage gear available to very low output speeds than single-stage worm reducer has a higher efficiency and little vibration, noise and energy consumption is low. Elevator gearbox host matches for the steel copper copper worm reducer, it is not an ordinary gear oils can not be used, but only with a worm for oil, copper turbine does not corrode.

Many gear oil containing a sulfur additive, under boundary lubrication conditions, this can happen with the additive metal element of the gear surface to prevent serious chemical reaction sintering two friction surfaces. But under boundary lubrication to prevent metal to metal contact at the same time, sulfur additive corrosive under certain conditions, especially for the yellow metal, such as copper, brass, bronze, etc. These commonly used in industrial worm and other components metallic material terms. The best way to choose the right product is to type, material and operating conditions, the gear has a comprehensive understanding. According to the load device, running speed, operating temperature and other requirements to select the correct lubricant.

JDB solid bronze bushing gear has the following characteristics:

1. 2. The transmission power range work smoothly without noise 3. Compact and get great transmission ratio, the transmission ratio is generally 7-80.4 low transmission efficiency, worm often need non-ferrous metal manufacturing. A single worm screw head and long points. Calculate the transmission ratio is as follows: I = n1 / n2 = z / K n1- speed n2- worm worm worm speed K- first few Z- worm of teeth.