Subiect: Powder sintered parts-PM wrench metric bronze sleeve bearings

What are sliding bearing classification!
1. The fluid lubricated bearing completely
Commonly used form of grease, oil line and metric bronze sleeve bearings, diameter of axle and bearing surface does not have enough lubricant, liquid film of discontinuity.Simple structure, friction factor is bigger, wear and tear.
(1) the radial sliding bearing
A. integral
Clearance between shaft and bush cannot adjust, simple structure, journal can only put down from the shaft end.Generally used in low speed, light load and allow the installation of the machine.
B. split
Between shaft and Conveyor Bearing with Punched bearing clearance can be adjusted, installation is simple.When the machine have some difficulties in installation, often in this way.
C. the motion of the bearings can be appropriate in the bearing seat, to adapt to the shaft when bending deflection.Used for the shaft deflection of occasions, including joint bearing is suitable for each other have a swing bar junction bear radial load.
(2) the thrust bearing
Commonly used plane thrust bearing, due to a lack of liquid friction conditions, and in the incomplete fluid lubrication state, should be used in conjunction with the centripetal bearing.For special occasions under axial force.
(3) powder metallurgy bearing (oil bearing)
With porosity, oil in the pore, in a long time can not add lubricating oil and automatic lubrication, guarantee the normal work, but because its material is soft, so the load bearing capacity is low.Used for light load, low speed and not easy to come on.
(4) plastic bearings
Compared with metal bearings, plastic bearings light weight, easy maintenance.Good chemical stability, high wear resistance and fatigue strength, and with damping, sound absorption, self-lubrication, insulation and self-extinguishing.But the thermal expansion coefficient, low thermal conductivity, hygroscopicity, strength and dimensional stability than metal.Used in the speed is not high and cooling place with good sex, working temperature should not exceed 65 ℃, the instantaneous working temperature does not exceed 80 ℃.
(5) rubber bearing
Can absorb vibration and impact, in a environment with impurity wear-resisting, good corrosion resistance, but its unit strength is relatively low metal heat resistance is poor, not suitable for high temperature and contact with oil or organic solvent phase environment.Used in bearing of ship shaft tube must be vibration and corrosive environment.
(6) wood bearing
Powder sintered parts-PM wrench light and cheap, can absorb shock, the shaft deflection sensitivity to small, but strength is low, heat conductivity and wet resistance, abrasion resistance is poor.Used for light load vibration conditions, such as agricultural machinery disc harrow bearings, large ore pump bearings, etc.