Subiect: BTU ball transfer unit-light duty mini ball bearing drawer slides

mini ball bearing drawer slides are mainly used in small motor, a speed reducer, drive shaft, roller and other equipment, it is the nature of rolling friction, lubrication of rolling bearings can be grease, oil or solid lubricant. Rolling in the gap (ie the oil clearance) role is to ensure the normal operation of the rolling elements, lubrication and the amount of compensation as thermal expansion. Objective bearing seal is to prevent dust. Moisture from entering the bearing and to prevent the loss of SOBF SOBFU bronze flange type oiles bush. Front bearing and shaft assembly, and the outer diameter of the bearing inner diameter measuring axis, to avoid the phenomenon of tight too loose, too tight to make assembly easy oil clearance gap is too small, the bearing temperature rise; too loose assembly, the bearing sleeve run or jacket, resulting in shaft and bearing damage.BTU ball transfer unit-light duty assembly directly prohibited by hand percussion hammer, copper can be a transition method or sleeve.