Subiect: Metal mesh with PTFE bushing,strip miniature thrust bearings Factory

JFB solid inlaid self-lubricating board characteristics and the main material
JFB solid inlaid self-lubricating skateboard and graphite skateboard with miniature thrust bearings or bronze as the matrix, the surface PCWPT self-lubricating skateboard according to certain Angle and density with special formula of solid lubricant, the SEW self-lubricating skateboard processed by closely;Has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high load is widely used in metallurgical industry, shipping industry, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, power equipment, etc.

When features:

1.BTU ball transfer unit-light Can work long time under the condition of oil free.

2. More suitable for low overload STW self-lubrication slide speed working condition, has the very good abrasion resistance and low friction coefficient.

3. Suitable for reciprocating, rotating and intermittent movement of oil film is difficult to form.

4. With good corrosion resistance and chemical resistance.

5. Apply to 40 ° - + temperature range of 300 °.

6.Metal mesh with PTFE bushing,strip Maintenance free, long service life.