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Am o intrebare si sper sa ma lamuriti.Pestele flying fox este sau nu este agresiv cu guppy?La-m introdus i bazin de 2 zile si guppy stau retrasi nu mai inoata ca pana acum.Multumesc.


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Denumirea corecta este SAE (Siamese Algae Eater), flying fox este altceva!
Daca este de talie mai mare ca guppy poate devenii autoritar si va face legea in acvariul tau. Oricum va creste spre 8...10 cm daca va avea ce manca
pentru mai multe detalii citeste aici:
"SAE's are most commonly confused with the Flying Fox, and the False Siamensis. What's worse is that often the SAE is called the Siamese Flying Fox. That does not mean a Flying Fox is the same as a SAE. Both the False siamensis, and Flying Fox have a gold to white stripe above the black lateral stripe the SAE is famous for.

Siamese Algae Eater (SAE)

    * Two forward facing whiskers
    * Black lateral stripe, going into tail
    * Clear fins with no white, or yellow markings
    * No pronounced suction mouth
    * Hovers in place while cleaning leaves, schools with like kind

False SAE

    * No Visible whiskers
    * Black lateral stripe, not continuing into tail
    * Gold stripe above lateral black stripe
    * Yellow-red fins, not tipped in white
    * Sucker mouth when at rest
    * Very spastic in nature, very rarely still or hovering, semi-aggressive to like kind

Flying Fox

    * 2 forward whiskers, 2 others
    * Black lateral stripe into tail
    * Gold stripe above lateral black stripe
    * Yellow-red fins, tipped in white over 2 inches
    * No sucker mouth
    * Semi-aggressive with everything, not a schooler when older

Chinese Algae Eater (CAE)

    * no whiskers, sucker mouth
    * brown pattern or line on side, mimicing lateral stripe
    * Yellow-olive green body color
    * Fins marked by spots, stripes
    * Sucker mouth
    * Semi-aggressive, very energetic"
sursa:    *  -- Algae Eating Cyprinids, by Neil Frank and Liisa Sarakontu
    * -- FAQ on SAE
    * -- Will the Real SAE Please Swim Forward?


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era alta știu cum naiba sa o șterg tongue !

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Re: salut tuturor.

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