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JFB inlaid solid self-lubricating characteristics and the main material skateboard
JFB inlaid solid self-lubricating graphite skateboard skateboard known as a high-strength brass or bronze specially formulated for the body and the surface low cost linear slide by a certain angle and density SEW mosaic specially formulated solid lubricants self-lubricating slide through tight process and into; high temperature, high load and other characteristics are widely used in metallurgical industry, shipbuilding industry, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, power generation equipment.

◎ Features:

1. You can work long hours without oil lubrication conditions.

2.Outer Square bronze bushing more suitable for heavy-duty low-speed skateboarding self-lubricating STW working conditions, with good abrasion resistance and low coefficient of friction.

3. suitable for occasions reciprocating, rotary and intermittent exercise is d ficult to form a film.

4. The corrosion resistance and chemical resistance.

5. Applicable to -40 ° - + 300 ° temperature range of.

6.DX sleeve bushing Free maintenance, long service le.