Subiect: white ptfe solid lubricant type bushing magnetic bearing Supplier

Construction equipment most commonly used copper sleeve
With the growing number of construction machinery and increasingly sophisticated, but also a sharp increase in the magnetic bearing, bearing and other component parts demand, wherein the copper sleeve is the most important of these elements, because it is to make up the core of the mechanical operation. So for such an important element, how to buy it?
white ptfe solid lubricant type bushing of machinery lubrication is a member, because of the different materials, processes, etc., which are divided into many categories, each copper sets all have their own characteristics, so buy various industries there are differences in slightly. For construction machinery, it is the most commonly used graphite copper sleeve. Graphite copper sleeve selected to produce graphite, graphite structure of this substance more relaxed, open a hole for a very simple, which is after the operation and prepared the way and preparation. Copper sets out the surface of the cavity, embedded solid lubricant, thus forming a self-lubricating bearings, reducing the amount of lubricating oil at the same time, enhancing the efficiency of construction machinery.
?Graphite copper sleeve combined with self-lubricating bearings, allowing fast construction machinery operation, while reducing the use of various raw materials, enhance the work efficiency. So for such a large and complex machinery, heavy machinery, construction machinery and sophisticated equipment, the best selection of JF flanged bimetal bushing, self-lubricating bearings, make the best product, the highest quality.