Subiect: DX-H sleeve bushing bronze wear oval washer manufacturing in china

When using the composite bearing should pay attention to what place
manufacturing in china are precision parts, so it was use for quite cautious.Even the use of high performance bearing, if use undeserved, can't reach the expected effect of performance, and easy to make the bearing damage.So, when using the bearing should be paid attention to, the following:

adhere to the bronze wear oval washer and its surroundings clean, even invisible to the naked eye of dust into the bearing, also will increase the wear of bearings, vibration and noise.
2, should be careful when using the device, are not allowed to powerful punch, are not allowed to use hammer percussion bearing directly, not allow through transfer roller pressure.
Third, using appropriate, accurate installation tools, as far as possible use of special tools, trying to prevent the use of cloth and short fiber, things like that.
Four, avoid bearing corrosion, directly with the hand take bearing, plenty to wash hands sweat and coated with high quality mineral oils suspended again after the operation, especially in the rainy season and summer to pay more attention to rust.However, in some special operating conditions, can make more good at traditional computing bearing life, especially under the condition of light load.The operating conditions of these special is, when the rolling surface (orbit and rolling piece) can be separated by a smooth film effectively and limiting pollutants can cause the appearance of damaged.In fact, under ideal conditions, the so-called for bearing life is possible.
Five, the service life of bearing, the life of rolling bearing with revolution (or in the hours of work under a certain speed), the definition: within the life of the bearing, should be in any of its bearing ring or rolling body attack on initial fatigue damage (spalling or defect).But in theory or in the laboratory experiment, can be clearly seen, under the same working conditions, the appearance of the same bearing theory is very different life.In addition there are several different definitions of bearing "life", one of which is known as the "service life", it represents a certain bearing before damage can arrived in the theory of life is made up of DX-H sleeve bushing and tear, damage caused by usually is not tired, but by abrasion, corrosion, the reason such as sealing damage forms.