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Fluid lubricated bearing
(1) fluid dynamic pressure bearing
Between journal and metal bushing working surface is completely separated from the oil film.Dynamic pressure bearing must be able to: (1) bearing have enough speed;(2) there is enough oil, lubricating oil has a certain viscosity;(3) journal and bearing with appropriate gap between work surface.More oil wedge pressure bearing can meet the requirements of high precision rotation, long service life.Used for high speed and high precision machinery, such as centrifugal compressor bearings, etc.
(2) the hydrostatic bearings
Journal and bearing by external supply of a certain pressure of SP-30 ball transfer unit separates completely, the formation of the oil film is not restricted by the relative sliding velocity, under all kinds of speed (including velocity is zero) have larger bearing capacity.Shaft stability is good, can meet the requirements of high precision rotation, small friction coefficient, high mechanical efficiency, long service life.
(3) the gas dynamic pressure, static pressure bearing
Gas dynamic pressure, static pressure bearing, with air or other gas as a lubricant, small friction coefficient, high mechanical efficiency, can satisfy the requirement of tell operation.Gas bearing used in gyro rotor, video recorders bearing.
3. No lubrication bearing (plastics, carbon graphite bearing)
Under the conditions of no lubricating oil or grease.The application is less.
4. Other
(1)Outer Square bronze bushing
With graphite, molybdenum disulfide, brilliant blue dye, such as ptfe solid lubricant lubrication.For extremely low temperature, high temperature and high pressure, strong radiation and space, such as vacuum under special working conditions.
(2) a. flow of magnetic bearing with magnetic liquid lubricant;
B. The electrostatic force bearing power axle suspension;
C. magnetic bearing axial suspension with magnetic fields.
More used in high speed machinery and instrument.