Subiect: Sintered Bushing sintered gear, powder sintered parts

Bearing classification and routine inspections
First, the importance of bearing in machinery and equipment

miniature linear slide in "low-speed heavy-duty" during operation, by the rotation of the motor into mechanical energy and power WQZ self-lubricating bearings to change the direction of movement, its length of life of MPBZ Oil Free Bushing improve equipment operation rate, productivity play a key member effect, so in the production of which, usually to enhance regular tour inspection equipment bearings, fuel, oil changes, maintenance work is extremely important.

Second, the classification of bearing

SOB SOBU bronze straight tyoe guide bush can be divided into two categories, namely, plain bearings and rolling bearings. Bearing in two forms: first, fixed, and bearing bush integrally cast, the first oil-free bush LFB two kinds of split, bush and bearing split. This form of easy maintenance. Rolling is divided into four types:

①, thrust bearing, bearing axial load;

②, angular contact bearings, and bearing radial axial load;

③, radial bearings, bearing radial load;

④, general bearing. Bearing wide use different equipment performance, load, and other characteristics of the technical requirements, the use of different types of bearing arrangements.

In accordance with relevant specification bearings, sliding bearings in the operation of the maximum temperature of not more than 60 ℃, the highest temperature of the rolling bearing in operation no more than 70 ℃ principles. Maximum oil temperature does not exceed 60 ℃, otherwise easily lead to bearing damage and breakage.

Third, damage and failure of the bearing is formed

Damage and failure of the bearing is formed mainly severe oil loss, fatigue damage, dirt and protect the damaged aircraft caused permanent deformation.

Daily tour and inspection work:

① see - the height of the oil level, check the fuel records the amount of time, oil, grease and add the oil bearing each device model specification is correct.

② listen - listen using the needle tool in the operation of the equipment if there Jamming phenomenon, without noise, running smoothly.

③ touch - available thermometer temperature measurement can also touch the bearing housing temperature, whether in a controlled range of values ??within the required specification.

Fourth, the examination method for a bearing to prevent damage

Our daily inspection work, the use of hearing, touch, see screening method, bearing understand the principles used in the production and maintenance during operation of maintenance knowledge. Bearing is mainly applied on high speed, low speed heavy duty equipment, such as: turbine generator, rotary kiln roller set, coal mill, cement mill, large motors, it is the nature of sliding friction, so the lubrication of these devices way with thin oil station cooling water way, oil circulation between the sintered gear, powder sintered parts and the bearing to produce an isolation film that lubricates, while reducing the frictional heat generated by the pad.