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Jeremy Evans Washington Wizards10Hamady Ndiaye The NBA lockout, and ensuing overseas exodus, allowed for a few players that wouldn't otherwise be on NBA Live Mobile Coins an NBA roster get opportunities they were able to take advantage of. They may not have seized the opportunity enough, however, to make sure their contracts are guaranteed for the remainder of the season.There are a few players that have likely done enough this season to have their contracts guaranteed -- Ivan Johnson and Greg Stiemsma have both done their part to NFL Coins become fan favorites after toiling in the D-League in the past, Lavoy Allen is contributing to the surprising Sixers' start, Jamaal Tinsley recently earned a start for the Jazz, DeJuan Blair is DeJuan Blair and Jeremy Evans can almost literally jump out of a gym -- but there are also quite a few questionable players listed above. All isn't lost if a player is released, though.With 10-day contracts becoming an option Monday, there are likely going to be a few players from the above table that are released and re-signed to the newly-available shortened deals as teams attempt to wait as long as possible until completely guaranteeing contracts. Considering there are also a decent amount of similarly-talented players available for a call-up from the D-League, however, it isn't going to be easy for all of these players to quickly end up on another roster if they're released on Tuesday.All in all, there likely won't be many big names that are released -- as one would well know by looking at the above list -- but a couple of cult favorites could find themselves unemployed for a bit by the time Tuesday comes to a close.For more on fringe NBA talent, be sure to check out SB Nation's Ridiculous Upside. For the best stuff about mmogo basketball, check out SB Nation's NBA page.Lakers Vs. Sixers: Lou Williams Bests Kobe Bryant In Fourth As Philadelphia Beats L.A.