Subiect: ultimate love symbol of the Phillips heart collection

Celebrating enjoy, PANDORA's new VALENTINE'S 2017 jewelry collection exudes romance through pandora disney online the new precious symbols along with jewelery that portray the particular commitment to love in addition to devotion now and for a long time.

Jewelry with the term Love, elaborately decorated by using cubic zirconia in gold, the new line associated with Love depicts the affectionate spirit that surrounds us on Romantic days celebration, as well as existing trends for personal phrase of emotions. The font, created exclusively because of this particular jewelery line, has the form of the heart while in the position of Love, as you move the new form of pandora gold precious stones gives the form of fluid movement to each bit of the collection.

Lepidoptera hearts of precious materials accentuate the jewels, symbolizing the love ties. The pendant remains at the center of the new collection, with a special edition of a sizable solid silver heart that closes inside a smaller, decorated with fancy cubic zirconia, symbolizing the actual eternal ties of love. The collection is also completed with pandora friendship other valuable pieces, like rings and earrings, made from 14k gold and silver that depict the final word symbol of love, cardiovascular system.

Decorated with the circles of infinite, sweet smooches and perforated with pandora rose rings precious cubic zirconia, your beautiful symmetrical silver wedding ring presents a contemporary variant of love. The classy elegant as well as delicate pavé is redefined together with elaborately overlapping layers that happen to be complicated as the bonds connected with love.

The ultimate love symbol of the Phillips heart collection involving solid silver and 14k antique watches, perfectly condenses the experiencing of Valentine and love which is so fragile. With two-color elements that pandora chains symbolize the precious sense of love and also the coexistence of two people today, it is the great timeless charming addition to be able to any PANDORA bracelet.