Subiect: Classic elegance paired using the beauty of love

The delicacy of a cherry blossom inspired Pandora to make the cherry blossom collection. The lovingly-made bouquet ring is constructed of sterling silver, decorated having pink enamel flowers, in the middle of which 5 freshwater pearls glow. Fine cherry blossom rings of 14 k gold or sterling silver emphasize the delicacy with the flowers and pandora charms sale can be worn only or several, also around Bicolor. Matching pink snap dragon earrings underline the early spring look. The cherry bloom welcomes spring and evokes brand new energy, love and girlie beauty.

Classic elegance paired using the beauty of love : the delicate Pandora diadem jewels, ring and charm awaken memories of distant lands, romantic encounters and the splendor of a princess. The princess-style earrings show off the beauty of cherished freshwater pearls in increased, in a supple combination with sterling silver diadems, giving a lasting memory of pandora rings sale special moments of love and affection.

From time immemorial royal houses possess a special fascination with his or her splendor. And this is how an Danish jewelery company Pandora provides this popular crown charm being a opulent pendant this period. Made of sterling silver with 48 cubic zirconia rocks, the crown shines about every necklace. The Pandora crown can be combined with the latest jewelery of pandora essence charms the season: with all the new matching crown earrings along with a sterling silver ring. So every woman can total her own crown jewelry.

Jewels with ethnic emblems and designs reminiscent regarding tropical seashores, crystal clear waters, sun and carefree make unique bracelets to keep well-kept all the untroubled moments of holiday. Stunning green, deep blue and great stones decorate the jewelery in the new collection of 925 silver, gold 14K cubic zirconia, which often combine traditional craftsmanship with pandora chains high quality materials.